Christmas Morning…My Birthday…

This Christmas was extra special for me .  I was also celebrating my first Birthday with Marilyn.  She has two young children, KT and LG.  Life with them is a non-stop adventure.  I have other friends my size that keep me busy too.  But first I must get out of bed.


Several Bittys and friends came over to celebrate with me.


As I later discovered, Gloria the cook and Fransisco Strafford Birdbath (a local Elfin) spent many hours, the night before, preparing tasty treats for all to enjoy.




I always tell my family and friends the greatest gift they can give me is themselves, but they decided to still give me a set of adorable Russian nestling dolls.  They truly know how much I love collecting dolls.


I hope everyone had a Christmas as joyful as mine.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Hitty Hannah and friends!



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2 responses to “Christmas Morning…My Birthday…

  1. Oh, Wow! Hitty Hannah, I love your new blog! Yes, those Elfin Critters are wonderful bakers. Lucky you to have such wonderful friends. (Beautiful things, too…but the friends part is the best!)

  2. Hitty Hannah, I was particularly struck by your lovely tree shelf. What a nice piece of furniture to display your Christmas finery! I enjoyed your new blog very much and will put it on my person’s blog roll! Thank you for sending me the address!
    Hitty Dauphine!

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