Catching Up With The New Year…


The days have come and gone with little time for a wooden doll to blog.  I’m sure you must be wondering how I welcomed in the New Year.  I had all kinds of plans, but to my misfortune Marilyn (my human) and the entire family decided to go to a friends house and have a good ole time.  I was fine with that…good for them I thought.  The problem is she forgot to leave the bedroom light ON.  When she got home the apologies were plentiful.  All is forgiven.  I was able to do a little reading after the lights came on. (Note to self, request a light switch at my height level).


I have been a bit lonely.  My elfin friends (three of them to be exact) left town several days before New Year’s Eve.  Fransisco Strafford Birdbath (I simply love his name) told me they were visiting friends.  I hope they return soon.

Well, now the task of putting Christmas decorations away will consume most of my weekend.



I better start locating my Valentine’s decoration.



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2 responses to “Catching Up With The New Year…

  1. Happy and HittyG

    Love it!! That afghan over the rocker is fabulous!! Did you make it? I hope you come to visit us at our blog too. Happy & HittyG

  2. What lovely rooms you have! They look really cozy. I am sorry Marilyn forgot to leave the light on. Perhaps you should talk to her about getting one of those Bodo Hennig lights that really light, then you could control the lighting yourself!

    Happy New Years!

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