Sweet Friends…Lovely Dolls…

I will tell you a bit of what’s happened over a cup of hot tea.


My sweet elfin friends have returned  from their trip to *The Magical Forrest*.


Poor Marguerite had to put the babies to sleep, during which time Fransisco Strafford Birdbath and Ernst Fredric Brown Bear told me wonderful stories of their magical adventure.  I wonder if there is such a place for Hittys to vacation.  Hmmmm…


They brought me the most adorable elf dolls.


Ooooo, how I love dolls.  My friends truly know my likes.  Now to add these to my growing doll collection.



I better go and check on the Bittys.


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2 responses to “Sweet Friends…Lovely Dolls…

  1. OOOOOoooooo! I LOVE the wee elfies! Where does one pick up some of those?
    Erin 🙂

  2. trumblesmum

    Oh, Hitty Hannah! I love your little home. My Not-Quite-Hitty girls are in raptures over your stove. They are a little nervous when they have to sit by the roaring flames of our big people fire to keep warm each winter and are exclaiming over it and then glancing at me. Do you think they are trying to tell me something?

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