100 Things and more…

As of late there has been much talk on the Hittygirls group about making  100 things.  Hitty Dauphine started the whole fiasco…she wants 100 dresses…smart Hitty.  Others have chosen to make a 100 quilts even 100 Hitty things. The Robertson Hittys made 100 books, which I was fortunate enough to receive one.

I heard a few mention collecting a 100 things…now that’s more to my liking, but what to collect???

100 pianos…


Not enough room in my house.

100 dolls…


That would be lovely, but I don’t think Marilyn will approve…

100 doll houses…


That would take us back to the 100 dolls…

100 Stuffed animals…


I would need a larger home and do not foresee that happening anytime soon…well, one never knows…

100 pieces of pottery…


But where to display such lovely pieces?  I first have to acquire the appropriate display…hmmm…maybe 100 hutches?

100 sisters…

Oh, dear that would mean 100 of all the above or I would have to share…Marilyn says I must stop viewing Sevashteen’s picture trail…naaaah…

Sooo, Marilyn and I talked it over…drum roll, please…

I will collect 100 books!

I already own ten.


That’s a nice start for my 100 book collection.  She has also decided to make or buy  a dress for every book I read (100x…hehehe), that means I will own four dresses by the end of this week.

Here my new dresses thus far.


I over heard Marilyn tell her children she wanted to make me a dress from each of the fabrics she owns…boy, oh boy now that’s a lot of dresses.

PS.  Another Hitty will be joining me soon.  There are many friends at Westview Manor, but I am the only wooden Hitty!  My new sister will be coming from…????  When she arrives I will share photos with everyone.



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4 responses to “100 Things and more…

  1. Happy and HittyG

    I think you have a great start on that doll collection already. I’m sure you could sneak another one or two while your person makes good on the books and dresses.

  2. So delightful! I am so glad you are joining in the 100 things fun! Books are such a good thing to collect, but oh my goodness, it seems that you have more dollies than Hitty Dauphine and she now is stamping that little foot again. Plus she fell in love with the GW Tuck Comb doll.
    Erin 🙂

  3. What fun to collect 100 books! I’m sure that when Hitty Jean catches onto the 100 things idea, she too will jump on the bandwagon. I LOVE your collections, Hitty Hannah. You have BEAUTIFUL things. ♥

  4. P.S.-Can’t WAIT to meet the new Hitty! Yippee!!!

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