What’s In Your Purse???

Today, I saw a *must have* on e-bay.  I wonder if there’s enough money in my purse.


…hmmmm…what could this be?


Oh wow!  “The Borrowers” book and a dress!  Hey Sevashteen, we’ve got the same dress.


Wait a minute, there’s more of the same fabric in this handbag.


Another dress!  I get it Marilyn, you borrowed fabric from one dress to make another.   Pretty cool!  Two dresses and a book.


Wait, there’s more!


What’s a *NINJA* doing in my purse?


The Bittys! …or was it Fransisco!  If I could only find the *Perfect Nanny* in this purse.  Maybe if I…


PS  The above is my twelfth book.  Eighty-eight to go.  Below you’ll see my eleventh book.




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3 responses to “What’s In Your Purse???

  1. Awww….My youngest and I read the Surprise Doll quite often. I had it as a child and loved it too. Nice books! Pretty dresses!

  2. Hitty Lotzalove Sevashteen

    I will not press charges if you return my dress to me immediately.

  3. So Cute Marilyn! I love the 100 books idea! I also love the clock.
    Erin 🙂

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