Happy Valentine’s Day…

I worked all night…cutting and sewing…



…and did a little painting today.


Sweet Valentine’s were made for my lovely friends.




Marilyn’s was extra glittery…


I even made one for you…(a giveaway!!!  I sewed you a dress with some extra special fabric).  Marilyn used some of this lovely pinkish red fabric to sew a dress for me.  Now, I’ve made one for you!


An extra special surprise was waiting for me in my library.   Two beautiful wooden curios.  Now I understand why Marilyn was thrilled to see the mailman, today.  Hmmm…I will keep some of my dolls in the library.  Dolls brighten up any room.  What do you think?



PS.  Leave a comment…tell me about your favorite doll and I will put your name in my special bag.  On Friday, we’ll pick a name out of the bag and find out who my special Valentine’s Day winner is…



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24 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day…

  1. My special doll is my Hitty Laura made by my special friend Tina.

  2. Hitty Summer

    Hitty Hannah, I enjoyed your Valentine photos very much. Your new cabinets are most spectacular. My Mom loves cabinets too. They will be perfect for your collections. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    Hitty Summer
    Creekside Cabin Hittys

  3. Hi Hannah, My special Hitty is hitty gerty because I made her first, hugs, linda

  4. Happy and HittyG

    I hate to say she is my “favorite” because I don’t want to hurt the others’ feelings, but I feel very strongly about my Hitty Gracious, made by Susan Corbett. She was the very first artist Hitty I got, and although she is not the most beautiful Hitty by any means, I love her. She has a very sweet disposition and goes everywhere with me when I travel. She also has her own blog at http://ashdoll.wordpress.com. She hopes you will visit her there. She also wishes you and your Hittys a very happy Valentine’s Day. Happy

    • susan corbett

      Happy I think Hitty Gracious is gorgeous. The REAL Hitty was not beautiful by any means. Susan Corbett (the artist who carved HItty Gracious and named her)

      • Linda Bennett

        I too have a Hitty by Susan and she is one of my favorites too hugs, linda  

        Philippians 4:13 — I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  


  5. Susan W.

    My favorite doll is a Hitty Shoulderhead that I received in a swap. She arrived unpainted and I painted her hair and features. She was carved to look like a real human and very strongly resembles a picture I saw of Dorothy Lathrop – the illustrator of “Hitty Her First Hundred Years.”

  6. My favorite is Hitty Aliza who is my travel companion. She is made or sturdy olivewood and helps me see more joy in the world everyday. I love Hitty Gabriella,but Aliza is a part of my heart.

  7. Holly K.

    Hannah, you worked very hard and created a lovely valentine celebration! My favorite doll is so hard to decide, but the ones I’m most fond of are my two Harry Wray Hittys, Piper and Brooke, since they are the first he made. They were painted by his daughter, Wizzy.

  8. Wow loved your photos and story. This had to be a lot of hard work and please know it is appreciated. Love the dresses and yes those cabinets are to die for. Thanks for sharing…

  9. Ani

    Hello and nice to ‘meet’ you! I’ve just found your Hitty blog a bit ago and am enjoying reading the posts. We love Valentines at my house, ate lots of chocolates today and gave Valentines cards to our friends and family.

    My favorite and only Hitty is named after the state I purchased her in, Maryland – her name is Merry Lynn. She was made by Fung Hicks and sits on one of my bigger dollies laps when she isn’t traveling around with me. Thank you for the very lovely give-a-way! Best, Ani

  10. Sharon H.

    Dear Hitty Hannah, The High Desert Hittys enjoy reading your blog very much. What lovely cabinets you got; you need to let us know where we can get some like them, please! It looks like you had a very nice Valentine’s Day. My favorite is Hitty Olivia, she is my constant companion and has her bed on my nightstand, where she sleeps every night. She goes everywhere with me! She started out as a Raikes Hitty, and I so wanted a Hitty that was sized more closely to the original Hitty but at the time did not have the funds to purchase an artist Hitty. So my dear husband bought me a dremel and I went to town! Hitty Olivia has her imperfections, just like her owner, but she is a much loved Hitty!

  11. Sharon H.

    Dear Hitty Hannah, you do a very good job on your blog! Happy Valentine’s Day to you! You must let us know where you got your lovely cabinets! My favorite, shhhh don’t let the other High Desert Hittys hear this, is Hitty Olivia. She is my constant companion, goes everywhere with me, and has her bed on my nightstand where she sleeps every night. She has been with me through many trialsome times. Hitty Olivia started out as a Raikes Hitty and I soooo wanted a Hitty that was sized more closely to the original Hitty, but at the time did not have the funds for an artist carved Hitty. So my dear husband bought me a dremel and I went to town! Hitty Olivia has her flaws and imperfections , just like her “Mom”, but she is very much loved!

  12. Wow! Hitty Hannah, you have been so very busy!! The curio cabinets are beautiful ! ☺
    Hitty Jean is my absolute favorite Hitty. She began life as a shoulderhead, carved by TCV. I then painted her MANY times over to get just the right face. Her body is from a Sara Cole *headless* blank. (yikes!) She is extremely sentimental to me – and I love that TC carved her in Hawaii. Anyway…the dress is gorgeous. I must say that the artists smock is just perfect! I didn’t realize what a seamstress you are! Just gorgeous!!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

  13. Josie

    Love the Valentine photos! Hitty Hannah’s dress and apron are beautiful!! Your rooms are wonderful!

    My favorite doll is Hitty Sarah since I carved her almost 6 years ago. She is my travel doll and has had lots of adventures.

  14. Bet you never got so many comments. What fun, a giveaway! Thought I love my little woodens tremendously and would probably pick Hitty Dauphine, and Bitties Boo, Nissa and Libby as my favorites right now…my favorite dollies are my two beautiful kids. Nothing could replace them in my heart!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Erin 🙂

  15. Tina

    I loved your post.. What an artist Hannah is. She does wonderful work.
    I have to say, even though my Hitty Ernestina is not perfect, she has to be my favorite… She spoke to me before I even had her blank in my possession.. She was to become Ernestina in memory of my daddy. She is helping me with the memories of such a wonderful, loving man. Each time I look at her I have a memory of him.. What joy it brings!
    Thanks for sharing Hitty Hannah’s day.
    Belated Valentine’s Hugs, Tina

  16. Elaine Jackson

    What a wonderful surprise your cabinets must have been! They are beautiful.
    I don’t know how to say which is my “favorite” doll – I love them all, but especially those made by my friends! And I am always fond of whichever doll is acting as my “clothes model” for my sewing.

    Elaine J.

  17. Kathleen

    Hitty Hannah, I so enjoyed your Valentine pictures. Your library is beautiful. My special Hitty is Hitty Isabelle, carved by Tina and named for my grandmother. So far she is my only Hitty but I prefer to call her my first Hitty! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. Kathleen

  18. Meghan M.

    My dearest Hitty is Hitty Hepatica, carved by Judy Brown back in 1997. I see a distinct family resemblance between Hitty Hepatica and Hitty Hannah, and we wish we could get you two together for a frolic. Hitty Hepatica goes everywhere with me, from scary medical appointments to mucking out stalls and feeding critters to climbing up Bachelor Mountain for air and perspective. Ain’t life with Hitty the grandest of the grand!

  19. Ace Laurel

    Love your blog, Hitty Hannah. I especially enjoyed seeing all the ways you celebrated Valentine’s day. We are two Hitties here are the moment; Hittibelle and Freddi. Hittibelle is a Raikes Hitty and Freddi is a china-head Hitty clone. There is a Lizzie, (cloth Hitty), and a yet unnamed Gail Wilson Hitty in process, but they don’t quite live here yet!

  20. Happy Belated Valentines Day to you too! My favorite doll is my Hitty Rose who is a Raikes Hitty and had only underwear on for years and then had her poor little legs fall off! So I had my boyfriend help me fix her up and I made her a dress! She’s very happy right now, the center of all my attention. Terri

  21. facefromthepast

    Dear Hitty Hannah,
    We enjoy your blog greatly! We have only one small cabinet in our own home, and we think your new ones are splendid! Your talents as an artist might be very useful here right now. We are supposedly getting a new sister, but the birth process seems exceedingly slow. Perhaps you could come and paint her face for us!

    The Friendship Cabin Hittys

  22. facefromthepast

    P.S. We forgot to say, but we aren’t allowed to have favorites with our sisters! However, we think Hitty Darlene gets preferential treatment, as she is the one who always gets to go on trips. She says it’s only because she moved here first…

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