The gift goes to…

Today a special someone will be the recipient of my Valentine’s Day gift.


Everyone’s name goes into my glass bowl…


Now to select the winner…


Who will it be???


And the give-a-way goes to…


Yippie!  Susan W., you will receive the lovely pinkish red dress pictured above.  This was fun!

A big *Thank you* to all who posted a comment (private e-mails included).



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6 responses to “The gift goes to…

  1. Sharon Horswill

    Congratulations Susan! I’m happy for you! You will have to show us pictures of your Hitty in the lovely dress from Hitty Hannah!

  2. Happy and HittyG

    The give-away dress is very nice, and Susan W. is extremely lucky (or rather her Hitty is since I doubt the dress fits Susan herself). I would like to offer a compliment to Hitty Hannah’s lovely blue dress and sash – it really looks fabulous. Kudos to her dressmaker!! Happy

  3. Susan W.

    Oh, thank you so very much Hitty Hannah! What a pleasant surprise! I told Hitty Dorothy and she is so excited that a beautiful new dress will be arriving in the mail for her. Thanks again for having this fun Valentine’s Giveaway.

  4. I love the blue dress. What a pretty color. Lucky Susan W. Congratulations! The red/pink is so pretty too.!
    Erin 🙂

  5. Horray for Susan! What fun!!!

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