rainy day idea…

Spring is one of my favorite seasons.  The draw back is all the rain.  I’m sure the plants crave the heavenly water, but a wooden doll like myself prefers to stay dry, as much as possible.  I will jump in the occasional puddle, but that’s different.  What to do on a rainy Spring day?


I could do a little sewing.


Or catch up on my correspondence.


I know exactly what to do.  I’ll fill my red wagon with all kinds of goodies and have a tea party for two.


A lovely quilt will make my tea party feel like an outdoor picnic.  Teddy will be the guest of honor.


Now to arrange all my tea party sweets, treats and tea cups too.


All is perfect!


…but wait, a musical friend has arrived to entertain us.



This is my kind of rainy day.



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3 responses to “rainy day idea…

  1. Katie

    I love the little trumpet creature! A little teddy bear is perfect to have a tea party with, SO elegant! The goodies look wonderful,I could almost taste them…
    OHHHHHHHHHH! Now I’m getting hungry! Anyway, I agree about staying dry! Me and Hitty Elisabeth are looking more towards ” May’s flowers” than ” April’s showers” ! But I have to say, a LOVELY rainbow came by! By the way, I love the wagon! Truth be told, I love EVERYTHING! P.S. Please invite me next time you have a tea party. I’m sure Hitty Elisabeth would get along perfectly with you and Teddy:0)
    Love you dearly,
    Katelyn and Elisabeth :0)

  2. Hitty Hannah has such cute things. I love the idea of an indoor picnic on a rainy day. Also…pretty dress! Did you make it? Wow…

  3. Marilyn and Hitty Hannah,
    Your “outdoor” tea party looks so refreshing and delicious. I think it is just the perfect way to enjoy a spring afternoon and soon you will be able to enjoy your tea outside under the blue sky!
    Erin 🙂

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