a new home…

As soon as Marilyn said the two new roomboxes would become a home for me I put on my apron and began putting things in order.


This cupboard is just what this corner needs.


A shelf on this wall…


Perfect place for my sewing table.


My doll curio looks great along this wall.


A wood buring stove will keep us warm.


A rug will cozy up this large living room.


Hitty Faith, give me a hand with this shelf.


This small room will make a lovely kitchen.


Now to rest our pegs.



Room boxes were made by Roy Bubbenmoyer.  He also crafted the corner cupboard, woodburning stove, small shelf and kitchen butcher block/island.  Long shelf was purchased from Gail Wilson.  Other items were e-bay finds, garage sale items, thrift finds, or made by Marilyn (my human).  She used Gail Wilson kits for some items.  Marilyn made my sewing table from scratch.



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3 responses to “a new home…

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  2. Happy

    Fabulous rooms – I’m sure they will love their new digs. Happy

  3. Marilyn, this is just delightful! I love the new digs! So spacious and lovely, lovely furniture!
    Erin 🙂

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