working in my new bedroom…

I’ve been busy organizing things in my new home, which will become my  permanent residence.  One of the most important rooms that needs attention is the bedroom.  Where else can a doll rest her head.

This is the corner where my bed will go (across from my sewing area)…


A comfy bed (jumping on the bed is how I test my mattress)…


A pillow…


A bedspread (I would prefer a quilt, but what is a doll to do)…


Looking good so far, but there isn’t much time for resting.


The trunks…



I love my new room.




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5 responses to “working in my new bedroom…

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying the pictures of Hitty Hannah’s new house. It is fantastic!!

    Nice bedspread, too. :o)

  2. Oh I loved this episode. I love how Hitty Hannah jumped on her bed to test the mattress. I am glad to know that not everyone has to be prim and proper in this world of Hittys. LOL! As if any of them really are. I am also really glad to see that she has her own chamber pot. Was that an acquisition from Gail Wilson’s collection?

    Erin and Hitty Dauphine…who is still waiting for a sister. 🙂

    • mizzwestview

      I think the chamber pot was purchased at a miniature show…definitely not from Gail Wilson. I do have a GW chamber pot, but it’s in the Early American house.

  3. Hitty Hannah, such a cute bedroom…..complete with chamber pot! “Home Sweet Home”. Enjoy your new digs.

  4. Katie

    WOW!!! Wonderful, adorable little (not THAT little)
    home! ❤ ❤ 🙂 😉 :0

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