at the carving retreat…

Marilyn was planning to carve a new sister for us.  She decided to take H. Faith and me to West Chester to a carving retreat/workshop.  We would welcome our new sister.

During this trip we met many Hittys.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember all of their names, but I’m sure you will recognize some of them.

Chocolate was one of our basic food groups.  We love, love, love chocolates!



Some of us ate more than the rest. …hehehe


Our new friends…

Hitty Dakota (Janet’s traveling partner) and me.


From left to right:  Hitty Dakota, me (Hitty Hannah), Hitty Geneva Grace Stratton (the traveling Hitty) and Hitty Faith.

…hmmm, wonder what H. Geneva Grace was telling  H. Faith.


We also met some of TC’s creations.  They live in the home of Barb P.


Here is a picture of us with our, in progress, sister.  If you would like to see step by step photos of her being carved, please visit here.


PS… I was devastated to discover we had not taken a picture with our sweet roommate, Lily.


Faith and I think you are *as cute as a button*, and have fond memories of our time together.



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7 responses to “at the carving retreat…

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  2. What fun!! For a brief spell, we thought we, too, might get to go…
    Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your Hittys!!!

  3. Happy and HittyG

    Well, Lily says she had a blast getting to play with Hitty Hannah and you, and you are totally forgiven. Happy 🙂

  4. Christian II


  5. Christian II

    12345678910 He heheheheheheheheheheheheh

  6. What fun Marilyn! Who carved Hitty Faith, she is beautiful!!! Your newest looks quite lovely as well. I can’t wait to see her finished!
    Erin 🙂

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