Now, this is an interesting mushroom.


…I must show it to Dot.


“I thought all mushrooms were red with white polka dots!”



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3 responses to “discovering…

  1. So Marilyn and Hannah,

    I was looking at your Hitty homes, all of which are delightful I must say, but was wondering…do all of these homes still exist inhabited by other Hittys? For instance, I noticed that you have different ovens and beds in each house. Do you still have all of those ovens? Which did you like the best.

    You also have a Gail Wilson bed in one of the older houses that did not make the cut in your new room box and I was wondering why.

    Also, did you make your own roombox or did you use a kit and if you used a kit, which did you use? …inquiring minds want to know.

    We, too, are building a series of room boxes for photographic purposes. Our original house has some nice features but also some flaws that make photography difficult. I am trying to decide if I want to just duplicate all of the furniture in the original house or get different stuff. I am mostly wondering if I want to get and make another Gail Wilson bed kit.

    Erin and Hitty Dauphine 🙂

    • mizzwestview

      Erin and H. Dauphine,

      All the Hitty houses still exist. Funny thing is I own more doll furniture and dollhouses/room boxes than Hittys or friends. My Hittys have three kitchens and seven beds to date. …I’m obsessed with beds and stoves, Hitty size that is. I love Gail Wilson’s Hitty bed, that is why it is in the bookcase (Hitty house), which doubles as my night stand.

      Here is a little confession, the reason most of my doll furniture doesn’t make the cut to a new dollhouse is because, I am constantly buying different doll furniture. I store it in a box and when the box is overflowing I acquire a new room box to display all the pieces.

      Roy Bobbenmoyer made my newest room boxes. His furniture is also my favorite! I will e-mail you privately and talk more about this subject and share photos.

  2. Happy and HittyG

    Yes indeed. All mushrooms ARE red with polka dots – whatever made you think otherwise? We even got little pots of them at the NC Hitty Retreat. I wish you had been there. Happy 🙂

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