a little something in a big box…

Today, Marilyn took me to her craft room, to straighten things up.  You know, put fabrics away, organize supplies, all the stuff she dreads doing after she’s completed a project.

Well, as I was helping her I came across an unmarked box.


I wonder what’s in here?


Marilyn saw me struggling with the lid.  She quickly came over to give me a helping hand.


My mind was running wild.  Could this box be filled with dresses for ME!  Or maybe mini dolls. …just my size.  Yes, there must be lots of teeny dolls in this box.  I know Marilyn loves making dolls of all sizes, but the small ones are her favorite.

I better take a peek…




I wonder what Marilyn is going to do with all of these miniature rugs.


She could give them to me!  Don’t you agree?



If you are interested in any of the above punch needle patterns you can find them here.



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2 responses to “a little something in a big box…

  1. Marilyn, they are gorgeous! What a find!!

  2. Happy and HittyG

    Did you make all of those? Marilyn, you are so amazing. I don’t know how you have the time or energy, but I love everything you are up to. Love to Hitty Hanna, Happy

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