the decorations are up…

Becassine decorates her home to celebrate Hitty’s birthday.

the hats are perfectly sized…

there are plenty of treats for all..

All is ready.  Now to await the *BIG* day.



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2 responses to “the decorations are up…

  1. Oh no!! It’s all so beautiful…if my Hittys see this they will go wild with envy! We haven’t even started yet!!
    Happy 190th!!! ♥
    Isn’t Becassine wonderful for bringing things together – wonder what the Hittys ever did without her!?
    Thanks for the gorgeous pictures…you made some amazing party decorations. !!!

  2. What a lovely home Becassine has – and how festive the preparations for the big day!

    My doll, Robin, waves hi to Becassine – they might even be distantly related – something in their head shape is similar – hmmm……

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