finally home…

Last night, Marilyn heard some strange noises coming from her craft room.  Of course, she had to check things out.  To her surprise, there was a new Hitty looking through the trunk of dresses.

Poor thing was startled stiff.  Marilyn immediately placed her in our room box.

The new Hitty quickly ran to the kitchen to fix herself a cup of tea.

“Won’t you join me.” she said.

She told me all sorts of stories of her many adventures.  I asked her to stay with us. …only if she wanted to.

“I would love to become part of your family.  It feels like I’m finally HOME!”

…after our long chat, I still don’t know her name.  Do you?


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One response to “finally home…

  1. She is gorgeous. Maybe she’ll tell Hitty Hannah her name??
    I would love to know where Hitty Hannah got her apron she is wearing in your banner…did you make it?

    Have fun today with your new Hitty! Send her love and birthday wishes from Hitty Jean and Hitty March!!


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