when the weather was warmer…

This past weekend the weather was so lovely, Becassine decided to take the Bittys outdoors.  The sun was brightly shining, birds sang, flowers peeked from the ground and trees stretched their sleepy branches, Spring was making its triumphant entrance.  The Bittys savored every bit of it.

She also picked some sweet-smelling flowers.

This week, Spring is taking a nap.  It will be chilly and rainy.  Not a good combination for wooden dolls.  Soon enough, Spring’s warmth will embrace us, but Summer’s heat will smother us, then Fall and Winter will be a welcoming sight.  Oh, how I love the different seasons with its changing views.  …always something to look forward to.


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One response to “when the weather was warmer…

  1. Wow! Looks like Becassine *L* has jumped in with both feet. The Bittys all look so very happy to be outdoors.
    We are having the same weather….today is back to sunny, which is lovely timing!!

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