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Hitty Montana…

was busy in the sewing room.

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boys will be boys…

Little Michael received a gift from a special group of Hittys.

He can’t wait to try out his new toy.  I hope he doesn’t get himself in too much trouble.

“Ooops!  My plane is stuck in the bushes!  A little HELP, please!”


Thank you Maxwell Hittys.  I’m sure Michael will continue playing with his air plane once someone retrieves it for him.


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a new family member…

After returning from Virginia, Marilyn attend the “Philadelphia area” carving retreat with Janet Cordell.  Several of us traveled with her and had a good ole time with other traveling Hittys.

Another room box and furnishing were acquired during the retreat.

Plus, a new Hitty has joined our growing family.

(sorry for the bad lighting in the above picture.)

By no means is she a shy Hitty.  She quickly told us her name.  “Hitty Montana!”

We immediately welcomed her into our family.


At the carving retreat there was a gift exchange.  We received a reproduction of ancestor Hitty’s desk, made and gifted by Bill Fifer.  Pretty cool! …don’t you think?

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I’m back…

Last month the Westview Family vacationed at Williamsburg, VA.  I accompanied them.  I stayed at the hotel during their outings to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA.  I was fortunate enough to roam around Historical Williamsburg.

During the historical building tours the young Westview boy constantly complained of thirst.  I felt a bit sorry for him since it was extremely hot and humid and he was not allow to drink indoors.  I wonder if he felt as stiff as I did.

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