a special gift…

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On Christmas eve, Becassine and Cook were frantically cleaning, baking and wrapping various treats.  My sisters and I helped with the gingerbread houses.

As we were getting ready for bed, a knock was heard at the front door.  “Who could it be?” I thought.  Becassine quickly rushed to see who was paying us an evening visit.

“Grandma!”  exclaimed Becassine.  “Come in and make yourself at home.  The girls will surely be excited to see you.  But where is Grandpa?”

“My sweet Becassine, he is running some errands.  Once he’s done he will join us.  Where are my precious grandchildren?”

We all rushed to greet our beloved grandmother.  Hugs and kisses are the best when they come from your favorite granny.

The Bittys guided Grandma to the sitting room.

“Please, read us a bed time story!”  they begged in unison.  Sure enough, they got their way.

Soon afterwards, they were snug as bugs in their beds.

By the time Grandpa arrived  we were all dreaming of sugar plums, except for Grandma.  She waited up for him.

I wonder what kind of errands were so important, on Christmas Eve, to keep Grandpa  away for such a long time.

Grandpa and Grandma are the greatest Christmas gift I could have hoped for.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.  I sure did!

PS:  Two sisters were also added to our family.  I’ll share pictures later.

PSS:  I’m Back and here is the picture of my two new sisters:

Here are other pictures of our wonderful Christmas.

So many presents under the tree!

This year, Becassine, Cook and Grandma did an amazing job with our Christmas day gingerbread cookies.  Grandpa is looking forward to tasting them.  Grandma says he’s a cookie expert.

Then it was time for the traditional family photos.

Photos were snapped before Grandpa had time to find his shirt.



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  2. Linda Bennett

    I love all your stories and pictures-love the ones with your family at Christmas,

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