clowning around…

Yesterday, Hitty Montana went on a thrifting adventure.

She is tickled pink (or should I say red and blue with white polka dots and yellow pom-poms).

Now, she can’t stop clowning around the house.

She was able to assemble an audience of one.

Hitty Montana waits for the applause to end, before continuing.

…hmmm, we’re going to need another clown outfit.

…and a couple of wigs and red noses, as well.



Filed under Indoor fun

2 responses to “clowning around…

  1. So cute. I LOVE the clown outfit. I think we need one. I have a thing for circuses. Are you joining me for Hitty 365? LOL! Actually, I hope so!

    • mizzwestview

      I would love to join you on your Hitty 365 (BTW, I’m loving each installment), but I started late and I’ll run out of steam by the end of this month. Plus, I’m still stuck on the 100 project. For now, I’m just having fun with the Hittys I got for Christmas. These little girls require lots of attention. …it’s hard work keeping up with them.

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