new furniture

We acquired more Roy Bubbenmoyer furniture

at the miniature show.

…a cabinet with many drawers, a table, two chairs, a small shelving piece

(and a couple of other items that we will share at a later date).

…plus a set of Upholstered wing chairs from

Gail Wilson.

{The cradle, quilt rack/wall shelf and small table were also made by Roy.}

{The two cross stitch pieces were created by Barbara Gillander.}

We are thrilled with our new multi-drawer cabinet.

Marilyn insists it looks like an old fashion library card catalog cabinet.

What ever it may be, the drawers offer an amazing

amount of storage space.

…now, let’s move to the other side of the room, what we like to consider

the dinning room area.

{The fainting couch and pie chest are also Bubbenmoyer pieces.

They were previously purchased.}

A small round table for two fits perfectly in this corner.

…and a small shelf unit offers space for future treasures.

We hope you enjoyed the tour and

if you’re interested in any of Roy Bubbenmoyer’s furniture,

feel free to give him a call at 610-488-7249.

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One response to “new furniture

  1. You know I love, love, love these pieces. He should give you a discount for that lovely sales pitch of his wares!
    Erin 🙂

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