our vacation adventure, part 4

To all the dolls reading this blog:

Please tell your humans  to never ever…

Did you hear me?


leave you in the care of a spouse with a sense of humor.

{for the record, I wasn’t amused}

The following images may not be suitable for some viewers.

Proceed at your on risk!

The day started as any other.

Questions.  Laughter.  Chatter.  More laughter.

We headed to the Creation Museum.

We were having a lovely time, until Marilyn handed me over to her hubby

{the man with the credit cards}.

At that moment, I felt a chill run up and down my back.

Before I could think, Hitty Grace and I were part of the action.

{Hitty Grace and I will never feel the same about museums}

Marilyn quickly came to our rescue.

…hmmm, I did hear her giggling.

Should I be concerned?

Several days later,

while antiquing,

we were met with the same fortune.


Thankfully no dolls was injured during this adventure.


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One response to “our vacation adventure, part 4

  1. OMG, this is the funniest thing ever,LOL,LOL! I just checked your blog to see if you had posted about Texas yet and saw this! I had missed your entries about your vacationbefore. Your blog entiries are so wonderful and entertaining.I enjoyed them immensely, but that video….LOL…PRICELESS! You’re such a JOY and delight, a beautiful girl inside and out…keep having fun together!
    Lots of love and BIG hugs to you both and BIG smiles….always!

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