Texas gathering…

This year, the second weekend of October Hittys (and Hitty moms & dads)

from all over the U.S.A. (and one from Japan), gathered in

San Antonio, TX.

Hitty Remembers the Alamo!

Some drove to the event, while others flew.

I met many Hittys.

…including some celebrities!

There was lots of fun to be had!

The River Boat ride.


I also visited a ranch.

How could I forget, the Alamo.

We, Hittys, gathered for a group photo.


Dinner at the Alamo was lovely.

These two little cuties followed me all the way home.

They are currently living with Marilyn’s

daughter and son.

On our flight home, Christian (Marilyn’s hubby) shared his

cheese burger with me.

I think he LOVES Hittys as much as Marilyn does!



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15 responses to “Texas gathering…

  1. Fantastic! Loved all the pictures! We sure did have a great time! Esther

    • mizzwestview

      Hello Esther,

      I wish we had an extra day, but even that would not have been enough time to spend with so many wonderful Hitty friends. …glad you liked the pictures.


  2. Toni Rieger

    Great pictures, we had so much fun. I am loving seeing everyone’s pictures.

  3. It was good to meet you and Christian in person. I’m so happy that you both enjoyed San Antonio and the Gathering.


  4. Ann S.

    It was great meeting you two. How fitting that you won Bittys for your terrific children! I hope to meet you again.
    Ann S.

  5. barbra-jean male

    Photos of texas were wonderful and Hitty Elizabeth always likes to get into pictures so thank you. I am not good with a camera.

    Enjoyed seeing you and your charming husband again. I think he may have enjoyed himself also. Nice when husbands are supportive.

    It is sure pretty boring here now with that wonderful event over but looking forward to PA.
    Love Barbra-Jean

    • mizzwestview

      Hello Barbara-Jean, it’s always a pleasure seeing you. Hubby definitely enjoyed himself! The whole event was fabulous! …here’s too wishing it was a day or two longer! Hitty Hannah had a lovely time with Hitty Elizabeth. Hugs, Marilyn

  6. Hey! I have enjoyed your post so, so much!!! Texas was sooooo amazingly fun!!! It was wonderful to get to know you better!

    Say Hi to hubby….glad to see that the children are having a turn with Antonio and Antonia!! I love their blogs, too!!!

    Stay in touch!

    • mizzwestview

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Ditto and ditto. The kiddies are loving Antonio and Antonia. Katie and I are looking forward to next year’s Hitty gathering. HUG, Marilyn

  7. Denise

    Great pics, I wasn’t able to go, but your pics make me feel like I was there…almost anyway….lol

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