A new house, part 4

Hello Everyone,

my new home is finally furnished


I would like to take you on a tour.

Please come in!

{for a better view, click on photos}

The kitchen is on the first floor.

Would you care for some tea?

The living room is on the second floor.

I plan to fill the bookcases with more books.

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes.

The attic is on the third floor


has been converted into my bedroom.

I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing my decorated home.

As time goes by the furnishings may change


I will share those changes with you.


Note:  If you are interested in acquiring a Hitty scale house, dimensions of my new home or other details pertaining to it, please click here.

Furnishings:  Many items were purchased via e-bay; others were gifts or items created by the following artist:  Roy Bubbenmoyer, Bill Fifer, Gail Wilson and Barb Gillander.

Books were created by Esther Robertson and Pat Carlson.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at,




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16 responses to “A new house, part 4

  1. Dollhouse lady

    Dear sweet Hannah, you make this house shine! Thank you, Claire

  2. Denise

    A dream come true…Broadview is just fabulous and I know you just adore it!
    The love and devotion is apparent. I cannot express how perfect it is!! You are one lucky gal!

  3. My husband’s family were Philadelphia Quakers who had a home in Oaks. It was called Broadview. I love that your house carries on that name and ridiculously jealous I didn’t think of using it myself! The house looks even finer with all the furnishings in place. So happy for you. Happy

    • mizzwestview

      Thank you! Broadview Farms is the name of the 1950’s subdivision we live in. Plus, the dollhouse reminds me of the original 1800’s farmhouse (in my subdivision). Therefore, I thought Broadview Farmhouse was the perfect name! We took a family vote and agreed on the name.

  4. Marilyn C

    My hittys and I Just love your house – One of the best I have seen – Your hittys are so lucky – Congratulations – Marilyn C

  5. Lorraine Adair

    Wonderful…I love it ! Lorraine A.

  6. What a beautiful house and totally amazing furnishings. The Quimper Hittys want to come and peruse your library!

    • mizzwestview

      Thank you! I love collecting and Hitty size furniture is at the top of my list. I know Hitty would appreciate more reading buddies.

  7. I love it! Everything is lovely, but I am sure, as always a work in progress. Sometimes I wish I could be a Hitty so I could live in their simple, beautiful little world…of course, then I wouldn’t be able to use my joint…I guess it is a toss-up. Congratulations! What a lovely, wonderful 40th birthday gift. Certainly one you will never, ever forget.

  8. Wow, Hitty Hannah! Your house is amazing!!! I wish we had a Hitty scale house for the Hitty who lives here. She’s a sweetie, though, and she never complains about her home on the bookshelf. Gorgeous house! Nice work! – Miri

  9. Such a wonderful house Hitty Hannah, you must be so very pleased with it. I have really enjoyed going back through all your posts as well.

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