Monday:: quilts and a giveaway

Do you remember the quilt Hitty Sue was helping Marilyn with?
Well, the top is finally complete.
Would you like to take a look?

Hitty with quilt

Click here for a closer look.

This is was made using 1930’s reproduction fabrics.

Hitty with quilt

There was enough fabric pieces to make one for us, as well.

Doll Quilt

Hitty with quilt

We were happily surprised to find a small bag with enough tiny fabrics to make another small charm coin quilt.

Charm coins fabric pieces

If you would like to make a similar quilt for the Hitty in your life,
leave a comment.

Small Charming Coins Quilt

You have until Friday to leave a comment.
The winner will be announced on Saturday and the bag of charm coin fabrics will be mailed out to you.

Small Charming coins quilt

{This charm coin quilt was made with 1800’s reproduction fabrics}



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50 responses to “Monday:: quilts and a giveaway

  1. I adore all the quilts! Your Hittys are very industrious!

    • mizzwestview

      Thank you! We love making quilts. Lately, that’s all I’ve (I mean, Hitty) has been doing. The house is covered in fabric pieces. I think it looks lovely, but an outside wouldn’t agree. hugs, Marilyn;o)

  2. I forgot to say, I love the dress, and the rickrack bedskirt!

    • mizzwestview

      Thank you! I made the dress several years ago. The bed covering with the rick rack is vintage and original to the bed. …hmmm, it would be fun to make a bed spread with colorful rick rack just for Hitty. That would be a fun future project. hugs, Marilyn

  3. Lovely little quilts. Your Hittys have been so busy I see!



  5. Dollhouse lady

    Love the colors! You are a very industrious team! Superb work. Love.

    • mizzwestview

      Thank you! We try to keep busy and quilting is our favorite busy work. It’s always fun to create with fabrics. hugs, Marilyn

  6. Linda Bennett

    I love the quilt you made it is so very pretty. Love all the different swatches in it. Have enjoyed all the stories.

    • mizzwestview

      Thank you! I love making quilts, especially small ones. The colorful fabrics made this one an enjoyable one to piece (and complete). ~Marilyn

  7. Helen Gage

    I love the quilt and your blog is EXCELLENT! I really enjoyed the adventures.

    • mizzwestview

      Thank you! I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed reading Hitty’s blog. We are planning to post daily, so please continue stopping by to seeing what’s happening in my Hitty world. ~Marilyn

  8. Laurie Wanat and the Brushtail Hittys

    Just gorgeous! Hitty Hannah looks very proud of it, and I certainly can’t blame her. Hitty Pearl wants me to make her one now!

    • mizzwestview

      Thank you! We love this quilt. Hittys can never have too many quilts, or dresses, or furniture, or… fill in the blank. You know what I mean. ~Marilyn

  9. Love your 1930’s reproduction quilt. I have always loved the 30’s fabric. They are so happy looking.

    • mizzwestview

      I agree, 1930’s fabric are happy. That’s what makes it such a pleasure working with them. They don’t have to match and yet they work so well together. ~Marilyn

  10. I love the colors. I love the quilt. You did such a nice job!

    • mizzwestview

      Thank you so much! I had a blast making this quilt, mainly because I had no expectations. I couldn’t imagine how it would turn out with so many busy fabrics, but it’s one a my favorites. Isn’t that funny?! hugs, Marilyn

  11. How much fun!!! All of the coin quilts are delightful and so cheery. Ever so glad Hitty Hannah helped make one for herself as well….

    • mizzwestview

      I truly enjoy sewing for Hitty, especially since she is a helpful little doll. ~Marilyn

      • barbra-jean male

        I love that quilt and pattern and made a bed size one for a church sale but never made another one again. but would like to make a Hitty size one. I have made yo-yo ones and for past 4 years I guess have been working on Hitty’s silk hexagon quilt as that is also hand work so I take it to shop on Tuesday when our hand sewing group meets but I think I talk too much and I wonder if I will ever get it done.

        The one you made for Hitty is I hope machine sewn. and I really want to try.

        Thanks for sharing. Barbra-jean

      • mizzwestview

        I’m glad you stopped by. Most of the quilts I make are machine piece, so yes, Hitty’s coin quilt was pieced on my sewing machine. I would like to make a larger one some day, but that is in the far future. For now, I’ll stick with doll size quilts. hugs, Marilyn

  12. Barb

    Beautiful job on making the miniature quilts, love the fabrics you used!

  13. Beautiful Quilt and fabrics… Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Tina

  14. Hildi

    I love all the reproduction fabrics. Great job.

  15. Susan Dorchester

    Your quilts are wonderful and so is your blog! I love seeing the 30’s fabric cut in smaller pieces for a Hitty sized quilt. Your quilt idea is very inspiring and a great way to use those tiny scraps of fabric!

  16. Oh how wonderful! I will definitely take I live look! Which I have the privilege, neighbor! 😉

    • mizzwestview

      Hitty Ann, thank you for visiting my blog. I always enjoy reading your sweet stories. Please visit our home, anytime.

  17. Simply Fabulous! Those 30’s fabrics are so lively and colorful. Don’t you just adore reproductions?

  18. Delightful selection of fabrics – love each and every one. Lovely work on the quilt.

    • mizzwestview

      Thank you for stopping by. 1930’s reproduction prints are so cheery and perfect for Hitty. Lately, I’ve had quilts on my mind. I have a goal of making 24 doll size quilts (about 25″ x 25″) by the end of this year (two quilts a month). I’m keeping my fingers crossed. So far, I’m enjoying myself. Eventually, I want to hang them up on a wall (or two). This will be a fun way to enjoy my fabric collection without having to make human size quilts.


  19. Kathie

    The quilt is wonderful! I love the fabric and the colors! They remind me of my grandmother.

  20. kimber fenili

    Your quilts are stunning!! I need to go and “dig” deeper on you blog to see all of your wonderful Hitty things!

  21. Lorraine Adair

    I enjoy all the pictures of your Hittys! The quilt is so pretty with the retro fabrics.

  22. It’s a joy to see such a lovely little quilt, and the fabric patterns and colors you used it them is wonderful.
    I am a vintage fabric collector, and I love quilting when I have time.
    I have enjoy visiting your blog, and seeing all the wonderful pictures you posted!

    • mizzwestview

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed your visit (please come again and again and again and…). I’m a collector, as well. Fabric is one of the many things I collect. …Hittys are another. hehehe. hugs, Marilyn

  23. mary yates

    I just love the rick rack bedskirt also. what fun to see active blogs out there.
    It takes time and energy to keep up a blog – thanks,

    mary y and tyhe Rock Hill, SC Hittys

    • mizzwestview

      Thank you for visiting! It’s nice to hear you’ve enjoyed yourself. The rick rack bed skirt is actually a vintage bedspread original to the bed. Yes, it does take lots of time and energy keeping up with a blog, but as long as people stop by to visit it’s worth it. hugs, Marilyn

  24. Becky

    Fabrics representing the times (30s in your quilts) are really fun. It gives us a chance to “relive” those days ourselves. Thanks for sharing Hitty Hannah.

    • mizzwestview

      It’s always a pleasure working with 1930’s fabric. I agree, we get to relive a part of History through quilting (and using repros). ~Marilyn

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