A gift

We received a lovely painting from a special friend.

A gift


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4 responses to “A gift

  1. The painting is very nice, (and your Hittys must live in Quilt heaven!)

    • mizzwestview

      Thank you! I have a goal of making 24 small quilts (about 18 X 22, some larger) by the end of this year. Ready to display on January 1st of 2014. Crazy! I know. Especially with my busy homeschooling life. So far, I have completed three quilts and have two works in progress (one needs binding, the other needs to be quilting and binding). I have pieces cut out for two more. Up to date, I’m enjoying myself and learning to machine quilt, since hand quilting is not fast enough. hugs, Marilyn

      • Your dolls are going to be warm! I am looking forward to the display! I am working on a cot-quilt for my new baby granddaughter, but it won’t be on QH for a while because I want it to be a surprise.

  2. How very lovely is that?! I agree about the quilts as well.

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