Churning butter

…with today’s antique find.

Butter churn

At home with the other churns.

Butter churn


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5 responses to “Churning butter

  1. Barbra-Jean Male

    Holy cow I want one of them and now I realize what the big antique crock is I have. I always thought it was maybe for umbrellas. Thanks.

    have great day. Bj

  2. M-m-m what are the Hittys going to do with so much butter? Lots of baking maybe?

  3. Judy Brown

    What a wonderful collection of churns…. Becassine will have wonderful arm strength by the time she works a little with each of therm!

  4. What beautiful butter churns! Love them! You have the best stuff.

  5. Becca

    I have one just like that. Some things Hittys can never have too much of….crocks and churns, sewing machines, and especially quilts!

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