chicks, chicks

Have you ever seen pink chicks?
I have!
And they’ve made themselves at home in my sitting room.

chicks, chicks

chicks, chicks

chicks, chicks

chicks, chicks

They are so cute!


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5 responses to “chicks, chicks

  1. Lorraine Adair

    You won’t need to hide eggs this year..hahaha

  2. Not so sure about the 3-eyed chick, though, maybe when it grows up it will lay eggs with double yolks!

    • mizzwestview

      LOL!!! I didn’t notice the “three eyed chick” until you pointed it out. I was under heavy medication when I took these photos. …that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. hugs, Marilyn;o)

  3. Very cute…I won’t mention the three-eyer, because it has already been mentioned, but you really should stop using growth hormone…

    Just Kidding! LOL! Love them!

    • mizzwestview

      I still can’t believe I didn’t notice the poor little chick. I was going to delete the picture, but thought it would be funnier keeping it. Next time I’ll take the photos before my medication. LOL!!!!! hugs, Marilyn

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