Our mini vacation

Our trip to Boston, MA

Our trip to Boston, MA

Our trip to Boston, MA

Our trip to Boston, MA

Our trip to Boston, MA

Do you remember the trip we took several weeks ago?
Well, we went to Massachusetts.
Marilyn’s daughter, Katie, had a four day choir event,
so the family decided to turn it into a mini vacation.
Hitty Penny and I tagged along.

Our second day in Massachusetts,
the choir group decided to head to Boston.
We bought our tickets to ride the T.
Our first stop was the bombing sight.
{a sad day in history}
There were hundreds of flowers, hats, sneakers and other items.
We also saw lots of “Boston Strong” signs.

After lunch, we walked part of the Freedom Trial.
There was so much to see,
but not enough time.

I hope our adventures take us back to that lovely city.



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4 responses to “Our mini vacation

  1. Carol

    Your Hitty in the green is beautiful. Who was her birth Mommy? Hitty Hugs, Carol

  2. What a fun trip! My youngest went on an overnight school trip to Boston about a week after they caught the bombers. I imagine it is sobering to see the memorial.

  3. Wanda Wildrick

    Mini trips are just super to give you an uplift of spirit!

  4. Interesting and fun mini vacation enjoyed by the girls.

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