Hello Friends,

Oh how I’ve missed you.
Our daily chats,
with or without tea.
Stories told and photos shared,
of daily adventures.
Then all of our belongings went into boxes,
so did my sisters and I.
Our cardboard prison held us longer than anticipated, but
now we are free.
Free to play.
Free to enjoy the beauty each new day brings.
Free to visit with you.

Hello Friends,

I might not be able to make daily appearances, but I will try to stop by more frequently.


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8 responses to “Hello Friends,

  1. Linda Bennett

    So glad you are free from the cardboard boxes and will enjoy our chats again, hugs, Linda

  2. Dollhouse Lady

    Oh! How we missed you! So very nice to have you back!!!! Tell us about you new place! Hitty hugs to all and thank you for coming back.

  3. Dear Hitty Hannah,

    We’ve missed you, too! How we look forward to your posts! It must be so refreshing to get out of the cardboard box and again enjoy all your wonderful furnishings! You look very happy! So glad you’re back!

    Your friends,
    Diane and daughter Sarah, and the Dolls at Corgyncombe

  4. Wanda Wildrick

    The Driftwood Hittys missed your cheery notes and fun photos. We are so glad you are settled and getting used to your new home before winter and the holidays come.
    Welcome back! Wanda W.

  5. Carol

    Welcome back Hitty Hannah! My girls are in a box too, because we are selling our house and moving to Oregon. I miss them so!!! It’s nice to see you though, because you look like my Hitty Judy 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. Hello Hitty Hannah
    We missed you too, though we have not been keeping up our blog either. The Big Person here has been hibernating, we think, and we can’t manage the camera by ourselves.
    We love your dress – you look as though you might have the Festive Season in mind.
    The Not-Quite-Hitty Girls in Wales.

  7. Barbra-Jean Male

    You are right is has been awhile. I know the kids must keep you busy. Did you move? I have lived in this same house for 58 years. and this past month I have finally started getting rid of stuff. Stuff piles up when you have empty rooms. and this is a 10 room house with just me and my junk.

    Can you believe I sold all 180 of my Barbies and I didnt even collect them A dealer bought the whole lot at $10. each. I didnt make any money but most of them also didnt cost me anything and I knew if something happened to me they would have gone in dumpster. Tthen I got kids here anf we completely emptied the attic and storage area and had huge tag sale and so now that area is completely empty and good part of cellar. Somehow the attic had a lot of my mother-in laws things. Things I didnt even know were there. but I also didnt want.

    One of these days I will get into sorting the Hitty room. that also stores my other wood dolls and the antique all-bisques. Maybe this winter when I get snowed in. and then I need to clean out the never going to be used fabric in the quilt room. Going to have to live a long time to get all this done.

    have a good day and glad you are back.


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