Becassine bakes cookies

Today was the perfect day for baking!

Chocolate chip cookies are everyone’s favorite,
so out came the mixer and baking ingredients.

Becassine bakes cookies

Oh no, the first two batches burned.

Becassine bakes cookies

Becassine bakes cookies

Becassine bakes cookies

Becassine bakes cookies

Becassine bakes cookies

After lowering the temperature on the oven,
the other cookies turn out perfectly delicious.

Becassine bakes cookies

There are enough chocolate chip cookies for all.

Becassine bakes cookies



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5 responses to “Becassine bakes cookies

  1. Becca

    Glad to see you back posting!

  2. Wanda Wildrick

    My Hittys are fussing, they want cookies toooo! I can truly understand why.

  3. m-m-m I can smell them from here!

  4. My they look great! I daren’t let the Rose Cottage HIttys see these or they will be wanting Becassine Terese baking!

  5. barbraa-jean male

    Nice to see the journal posting again. Very nice and even the burned ones looked good. I still have that kitchen but it has never been used. I was always going to use the kitchen for Hittys to make Christmas cookies to photo for Christmas card but never did that either. I gave my granddaughter most of the little things but kept the mixer . She came here for Christmas when she was little and one of santas presents was the kitchen. I had never seen one before and begged her to give it to me for Hitty . and then I started looking for one and told my Hitty friends about it and lots of people bought one.



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