More cookies

Becassine hasn’t stopped baking.

More cookies

This time she made M & M cookies.

More cookies

More cookies

Michael and Antonio can’t keep their eyes off the deliciously colorful cookies.

More cookies

Antonio couldn’t wait until dinner.

With such a sweet aroma filling the kitchen, who could blame him?!

More cookies


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4 responses to “More cookies

  1. Such a busy kitchen – nice and warm with live and cookies, just right for November!

  2. Dollhouse Lady

    Oh my gosh….any chance for left-overs???? Hitty Maude and Hitty Marie are besides themselves hoping there are…they have a VERY sweet tooth !! Great job and how fun to read you again!!!!

  3. Wanda Wildrick

    Such a sweet treat is always the BEST right out of the oven with a glass of milk to wash them down and add to the flavor…yum!

  4. Judy Brown

    I’m so glad to see Hitty Hannah’s family again… and around the freshly baked cookies… Yum

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