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More cookies

Becassine hasn’t stopped baking.

More cookies

This time she made M & M cookies.

More cookies

More cookies

Michael and Antonio can’t keep their eyes off the deliciously colorful cookies.

More cookies

Antonio couldn’t wait until dinner.

With such a sweet aroma filling the kitchen, who could blame him?!

More cookies


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Playing in the sandbox

Playing in the sandbox

Playing in the sandbox

Playing in the sandbox

Playing in the sandbox

Playing in the sandbox

Warm sunny days are perfect for fun in the sand.
{in this case, sandbox fun}


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Bittys at play

The Bittys decided to have some fun indoors.

The Noah’s ark toys

were their choice of the day.

They had endless hours of FUN.

If you’re interested in acquiring a miniature Noah’s ark set for yourself

go here.

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when the weather was warmer…

This past weekend the weather was so lovely, Becassine decided to take the Bittys outdoors.  The sun was brightly shining, birds sang, flowers peeked from the ground and trees stretched their sleepy branches, Spring was making its triumphant entrance.  The Bittys savored every bit of it.

She also picked some sweet-smelling flowers.

This week, Spring is taking a nap.  It will be chilly and rainy.  Not a good combination for wooden dolls.  Soon enough, Spring’s warmth will embrace us, but Summer’s heat will smother us, then Fall and Winter will be a welcoming sight.  Oh, how I love the different seasons with its changing views.  …always something to look forward to.

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boys will be boys…

The Bitty girls were having fun playing with one of the dollhouses.




Then Michael decides to have a little fun of his own.





…as the saying goes, “Boys will be boys!”

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