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A special guest

For the last two weeks there has been a special guest in our home.

Miss Hickory!

Click here to follow her adventures.

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Visiting friends

Today, I spent a good part of the afternoon visiting with

the Seven Stars Hittys.

We spent hours chatting of our various adventures.

Their pooches are the gentlest animals I’ve ever met.

I wonder if Becassine would agree to adopting a dog.

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finally home…

Last night, Marilyn heard some strange noises coming from her craft room.  Of course, she had to check things out.  To her surprise, there was a new Hitty looking through the trunk of dresses.

Poor thing was startled stiff.  Marilyn immediately placed her in our room box.

The new Hitty quickly ran to the kitchen to fix herself a cup of tea.

“Won’t you join me.” she said.

She told me all sorts of stories of her many adventures.  I asked her to stay with us. …only if she wanted to.

“I would love to become part of your family.  It feels like I’m finally HOME!”

…after our long chat, I still don’t know her name.  Do you?

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a new friend…

A knock at the door.  Who could it be?

A Christmas morn Hitty bearing two dolly gifts.  I welcomed her into our home.

Soon the living room is filled with chatter, laughter and greetings from all.

Merry Christmas!

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house guest or permanent resident?

Becassine was an unexpected guest.  As you can see, her luggage was lost, so I gave her one of my dresses.  She insisted on the color green.  I hope she decides to stay.  Maybe she could help out with all of the Christmas activities around here.  I’m sure Cook could use an extra pair of hands.


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boys will be boys…

The Bitty girls were having fun playing with one of the dollhouses.




Then Michael decides to have a little fun of his own.





…as the saying goes, “Boys will be boys!”

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After lunch we skipped over to the pumpkin patch.  We decided to wear the dresses Marilyn made for us.

…these outfits are truly bright and cheerful.


“I think I found a pumpkin we can carve!”


We saw  many crows as well.  Faith was determined to get a closer look.


She stacked several pumpkins and started climbing the tree.  She is one *brave* Hitty! Fortunately, there were no mishaps during this outing.  (Sorry, about the bad lighting, it makes the above picture rather spooky. … hmmm … fitting for the occasion).


Doesn’t she look peaceful perched on that branch?


“Hannah, I can’t decided between these two.”

“We’ll take them both.”



Have a safe *Halloween*.

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at the carving retreat…

Marilyn was planning to carve a new sister for us.  She decided to take H. Faith and me to West Chester to a carving retreat/workshop.  We would welcome our new sister.

During this trip we met many Hittys.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember all of their names, but I’m sure you will recognize some of them.

Chocolate was one of our basic food groups.  We love, love, love chocolates!



Some of us ate more than the rest. …hehehe


Our new friends…

Hitty Dakota (Janet’s traveling partner) and me.


From left to right:  Hitty Dakota, me (Hitty Hannah), Hitty Geneva Grace Stratton (the traveling Hitty) and Hitty Faith.

…hmmm, wonder what H. Geneva Grace was telling  H. Faith.


We also met some of TC’s creations.  They live in the home of Barb P.


Here is a picture of us with our, in progress, sister.  If you would like to see step by step photos of her being carved, please visit here.


PS… I was devastated to discover we had not taken a picture with our sweet roommate, Lily.


Faith and I think you are *as cute as a button*, and have fond memories of our time together.


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